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For the last eight years, we’ve done our best to help spirits producers demonstrate the science and passion placed in their craft. By inviting them to Brandy Library and share their knowledge with our patrons, we have created a comfortable environment where education is essential to the setting. Keeping snobbery and marketing out of the picture by placing consumers directly in touch with the people actually making these spirits has proven to be highly rewarding for everyone. History, tradition, innovation, craftsmanship, all are key elements presiding over the marketing of each brand, but they play different roles. Our goal is to help you choose in between all those brands and make a decision for yourself. There are few retailers and restaurants out there with a strong knowledge on spirits, and it is difficult to make a personal choice based on true liking. Granted the exterior appeal, the social status conveyed, price and references to historical and or geographical facts altogether bear a tremendous impact on the purchase decision. However, hearing the story from the producer himself, and enjoy the drink in his company, are even more so important.

Today, we go even further by reporting these events such as book signings, public tastings, product launches, etc, on this website. We will let you know of this latest Calvados we tasted here, we’ll keep you posted with events our fellow spirits specialists are hosting, and you will be able to watch quick interviews we’ve filmed.

Field Trips

Out Rumming!Island hopping through the Caribbean: Martinique, Trinidad, Jamaica

Cognac: Angels'shareTouring Cognac kingdom with Angels for guides!

Kentucky Barrel SamplingYour Librarians pick Bourbons in the Heaven Hill and Old Tom Moore rickhouses

French WhiskyI love rain, you love grain, Whisky in Brittany.

American Distilling Institute 2011 » I | IIThe annual Conference for the Craft Distillers in Portland, Oregon

The Roving DistillersA distilling know-how on the brink of extinction

Tequila: Sipping Mexican Pride

Mezcal: The Mexican Flavor Pack